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THIS is close to the article ‘Well being expenditure and selections’ (Dec 9), which favoured equitable entry to the very best healthcare system in Pakistan by introducing robotic surgical procedure. Nevertheless, the sort of healthcare fairness fits individuals within the developed world as a result of there isn’t a distinction in state-run and personal hospitals there, and other people shouldn’t have to battle simply to obtain a single injection or medication.

In Pakistan, if the hospitals set up robotic surgical procedure mechanisms, then these could be advantageous just for the elite. The center and decrease lessons will nonetheless grapple with getting an appointment for, say, heartburn.

The first reason for mortality in Pakistan is just not thoracic most cancers or pelvic malignancies. It’s really insufficient vaccination, auto-respiratory infections and plenty of different waterborne illnesses. Pakistan is presently ranked 122nd out of 190 nations within the World Well being Organisation (WHO) efficiency report.

Thus, putting in luxurious well being mechanisms with out addressing fundamental healthcare woes will additional broaden the hole between the wealthy and the poor. Altering lovely hats day-after-day and nonetheless sporting these torn sneakers will lead us nowhere. This isn’t to oppose advance-ments in healthcare. The entire level is that earlier than going for luxuries like robotic surgical procedure, we should always first improve our major well being infrastructure to make our much less lucky countrymen really feel that they don’t seem to be youngsters of a lesser god. This can be healthcare development in its true sense.

Ayesha Mazhar

Printed in Daybreak, January twenty second, 2024

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