Free Obtain To Use With Any Phrase Listing

Bought a weekly vocabulary listing? Then this obtain is for you! We designed it particularly for use with any eight-word listing. (Doing greater than eight phrases? That’s OK! Use the deep-dive pages for particular person phrases, have college students use the again for extra phrases, or allow them to choose and select.) We now have eight pages for diving deep into this vital phrase work. For every of those, you’ll be able to have college students fill out the phrases or you’ll be able to write them on super-handy vocabulary worksheets.

Definition Detectives

Flat lay of Definitions Detectives vocabulary worksheet

For every vocabulary phrase, college students write what they suppose the phrase means. Then, they use a dictionary to search out out what it actually means!

Sketch It Out!

Flat lay of Sketch It Out vocabulary  worksheet

College students will write their vocabulary phrases on the strains in every field and draw an image displaying the which means of every phrase.

Write It Out!

Flat lay of Write It Out vocabulary worksheet

For every vocabulary phrase, college students write a sentence that reveals they know what the phrase means through the use of context clues. For instance, “She is timid” doesn’t present that they know what timid means, however “The timid toddler hid behind her mother and wouldn’t reply my questions” does.

Elements of Speech Type

Flat lay of Parts of Speech Sort vocabulary worksheet

College students will kind their vocabulary phrases into the right class: noun, verb, adjective, or adverb.

Riddle Me This

Flat lay of Riddle Me This vocabulary worksheet

Invite college students to select considered one of their vocabulary phrases and write 4 clues that may assist somebody appropriately guess the phrase (they’ll use a dictionary to assist them). Then they’ll attempt it out on a classmate!

Vocabulary 4 Sq.

Flat lay of Vocabulary Four Square vocabulary worksheet

For a vocabulary phrase of their selection, college students write its definition, give a synonym and antonym, draw an image of it, and use it in a sentence.

Vocab Roll

Flat lay of Vocab Roll vocabulary worksheet

For every of the vocabulary phrases, college students roll the die and full the assigned exercise.

1 = Outline the phrase.

2 = Use the phrase in a sentence.

3 = Write a synonym for the phrase.

4 = Write an antonym for the phrase.

5 = Draw an image of the phrase.

6 = Act out the phrase for somebody.

Story Time

Flat lay of Story Time vocabulary  worksheet

Utilizing all of the phrases of their vocabulary listing, college students write a easy story.

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